If you have been keeping up with all of the latest trends in the health world having to do with detoxification, then the chances are very good that you have heard about zeolite. Because of its ability to remove various heavy metals from the body such as lead, cadmium and even mercury from the body in a safe and effective manner, it is quickly becoming the most popular mineral supplement when it comes to chelation therapy. When you find that you want to take zeolite, you may find yourself looking through a wide variety of products where it can be difficult to make a decision on the right one to purchase.

One of the biggest decisions that you have to make when purchasing this mineral supplement for chelation therapy is whether or not you want liquid zeolite or powder zeolite. There have been a number of arguments that one form is safer than the other, so it is best that you do a decent amount of research before you settle on which supplement type you want to spend your money on.[pullquote style="left"]To break it down, the true liquid form of the zeolite mineral generally has a better capability for capturing these toxins within the body and bonding with them to then carry them out of the body through urination.[/pullquote] After all, being prepared and armed with knowledge on the different forms of this mineral supplement will give you a much better outlook on what your needs are and how zeolite can cater to your detoxification needs.

Zeolite when in liquid form is often said to have a better ability to work its way through the body to remove toxins. Some people will argue that the powder zeolite has the be consumed in larger quantities in order to have a similar effect to liquid. However, for some people it may just end up being as simple as preference when it comes to what they want to buy. In the end, it is the results that you are looking for. If it shows that you are passing more toxins and heavy metals through your urine after performing urine analysis, then you are taking the right product. If not, then you may want to switch from liquid to powder or vice versa.

Basically speaking, often times when you are buying liquid zeolite, you are actually buying a crystallized or micronized form of zeolite that is suspended in water. When you are able to find a completely genuine liquid zeolite product on the market, you may find that you are more readily able to pass the toxins and residues from your body more quickly. To break it down, the true liquid form of the zeolite mineral generally has a better capability for capturing these toxins within the body and bonding with them to then carry them out of the body through urination.

Certainly for most people who are shopping for zeolite mineral supplements, cost can often become a large factor in determining which product you will purchase. It goes without saying that a quality liquid zeolite mineral supplement will cost more than a powdered zeolite product. You have to choose the supplement that is right for you and your needs. In the end, you may have to do a little bit of trial and error in order to see which one works best for you and your current body chemistry. What might work best for you may not work best for another person and so on.

The great thing is, there are studies being conducted all the time on the benefits of zeolite in terms of chelation therapy. The more studies that are done, the better the products on the shelves and online will become. The bottom line is, taking zeolite mineral supplements can have a great impact on your body after it is detoxified.


Liquid Zeolite its a detoxifier that helps get rid of toxins, free radicals and heavy metals. Zeolite comes from a volcanic rock, deep in the earth that is negative charge, able to attract harmful substances.

In the last period, zeolite supplements seem to get more and more attention from everybody. The natural alternative for keeping us healthy and preventing diseases seems to win ground because it’s less invasive and why not… much more efficient. Zeolite supplements are starting to be more and more recommended by many medical professionals and practitioners of conventional medicine due to the great effects this mineral comes with.

The benefits zeolite offers us are many and various, because this mineral works on many parts of the body. First, we have to understand that zeolite supplements are nothing like other supplements on the market. Zeolite supplements don’t fill in this category because they don’t bring anything into the body, on contrary, they take out. This can sound scary, so when you are thinking to get your zeolite supplements, just imagine a magnet traveling to your body and gathering all the toxins to take them out. Due to its negatively charged and honeycomb form structure, zeolite attracts and keeps all the positively charged molecules and substances in the body. Zeolite doesn’t stay in the body more than 8 hours, at the end of which it naturally removes itself out, with all the toxins gathered in its “journey”. These positively charged substances and molecules in the body are represented by all the heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium or strontium, and all the toxins.

You can imagine how many benefits you may enjoy and take advantage of, after a detoxifying treatment of this type. To make it easier for you, we have draw out a list with 3 the most important benefits of a zeolite treatment.

  • The cancer risk-reduction potential associated with zeolite supplements is probably the most important reason many of us choose this supplement for a daily additive in the daily nutrition program. Getting rid of the heavy metals and toxins from our bodies reduces very much the risk of cancer. The immune system will be free to fight and prevent diseases when it wouldn’t need to fight toxins anymore. There are many cases of cured cancer patients who were helped in their fight by the zeolite supplements next to the cancer treatments. This supplement is not a cure for cancer, but it definitely helps a lot;
  • Another immediate benefit associated with zeolite is boosting the users’ immune system. The immune system can do its job more properly and it can strengthen if it doesn’t have to carry out and destroy the heavy metals and toxins in the body. As said before, zeolite does this, even with the toxins which the body doesn’t recognize or cant fight;
  • The third benefit associated with zeolite and claimed by this’ mineral users, is the “happiness” effect. Zeolite reinvigorates at a physiological level. It relaxes the nervous system and speeds up the production of serotonin. The apathy and fatigue associated with the presence of the heavy metals in our bodies are totally removed. After taking zeolite, you will only feel happier, more energized and healthier!

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Detox and Purify The Body With Zeolite -

Zeolite is a mineral supplement that is used to remove toxicity from the body. The supplement works to trap those unwanted toxins from the body and remove them completely. Toxins and heavy metals are released from the body through urination. Many different medical conditions can occur in an individual that are actually caused by these toxins when they are not removed from the body. If the toxins are not removed, they will continuously grow and eventually cause severe medical conditions. The Zeloite is natural way to remove the toxins from the body. Many reviews claim that this product is 100% effective.

Zeolite supplements can be purchased on a number of websites. Liquid Zeolite is a popular choice amongst those that choose to take this supplement in order to remove the toxic buildup from their body.

The benefits of using Liquid Zeolite include getting rid of harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. Using this product helps to relieve acid reflux. The product has also been said to help build an individuals immune system which makes them less susceptible to viruses.

Continued use of this product has proven to help fight asthma attacks and allergy symptoms. Overall, the use of Zeolite can help an individual to live somewhat of a healthier lifestyle.

Liquid Zeolite is an easy way for an individual to get their dosage of Zeolite regularly. The liquid allows an individual to put just a few drops in any food combination or drink. The individual does not have to worry about a terrible taste because they will not be able to taste the product at all.

The bottles can be easily placed in a purse or bag for those who are on the go. Even if the individual is planning to eat at a restaurant, with the easily accessible bottle, the individual can add a few drops to their drink within seconds. Most importantly, the product is affordable.

Learn more about the benefits of zeolite for an overall health

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Before you start to use zeolite in your daily nutrition program, it is good to make an idea about how this mineral works in and for your body. It is an entire process of targeting toxins, gathering them and taking them out of the body.

The zeolite is harvested from zeolite mines and transformed into pure, cleaned, liquid zeolite for human consumption. A company which produces liquid zeolite for human consumption is constantly working with specialized mines where zeolites in raw form are available to be harvested. These mines contain specific zeolite that is safe and good for humans, while the mining companies work with special materials in this purpose.

After it has been harvested, the zeolite must be cleaned and treated so that it can be safe for human consumption. Many companies sell zeolite in pill form or powder form, but the most efficient zeolite it is known to be in the liquid form. More, zeolite in liquid form is easier to handle and it gets into the bloodstream faster. It will be easier also for this active substance to get through the cell walls and work at a faster rate.

The zeolite cage is a small particle and it has a durable build which is able to hold toxins in through small pillars. The zeolite travels through your body gathering all the toxins. Just imagine a toxin magnet traveling inside you. It is able to attract and collect even the smallest toxins which your body will never remove on its own.

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The zeolite particles are negatively charged, while the toxins are positively charged. This is why the toxins will stick with the zeolite particles and stay this way until the zeolite is safely removed out of your body.


The zeolite particles are negatively charged, while the toxins are positively charged. This is why the toxins will stick with the zeolite particles and stay this way until the zeolite is safely removed out of your body. After 7 or 8 hourse, zeolite will remove itself naturally out of your system. 8 hours is the time zeolite needs to go through the entire body and gather all the toxins. After this time, the zeolite and the toxins attached on it will safely be removed. As a result you will feel healthier, energized, and even happier (it is known to release more serotonin in the body). And it is normal to feel healthier; regarding your body is completely detoxified. It is highly recommended to take zeolite every 8 hours so the “cleaning up” will take place constantly.

Being a stable mineral, zeolite can be stored at a normal room temperature, once it’s opened. You don’t need to keep it in refrigerator or so. You can use the product for over 2 or 3 years, as long as the expiry date allows you. Don’t use it anymore after it expires because it can grow some bacteria which definitely won’t do you any good.

You don’t have to worry about taste. The zeolite is tasteless, so you can add it to water, food or juice, and you won’t feel the difference. The only feeling you will experience will be the feeling of being healthy, a sweet disposition and lots of energy. It can be taken by everyone, from little children to old people and pregnant women.

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